Friday, April 27, 2007

4/26/07 - Karazhan
We stomped into Karazhan and destroyed Chess and then one shotted Prince like the pie he is supposed to be. With the night young we decided we would work on Netherspite for the rest of the evening. Four very fun attempts later, we had our selves one dead nether dragon thingy and the thrill of further progression!

Despite my own ranting in O chat that we had no possible chance at Illhoof with no mages, no warlocks, and basically my AOE totems and Brune's uber consecration for imps, we still went to see em. No pots, no books, no serious prep talk about the strat, and we engage to "learn" for next time when we had a lock. 75%, no deaths, 50% no deaths good job guys this is basically how we do it, 25%.......k um 1 death Brez them, 5% KILL IT..... so yeah, Illhoof, first attempt, no deaths at the locks, no mages, just ownage. Great job guys, best progression kill ever.

King's Defender - Groundlogic
Headdress of the High Potentate - Kurtheric
Helm of the Fallen Champion - Keij
Farstrider Wildercloak - Funk
Malchazeen - Funk

Rip-Flayer Leggings - Keij
Girdle of Truth - Asahina

Malefic Girdle - Taralynn
Breastplate of the Lightbinder - Asahina


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