Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gruul Down!

With the recent push for recruits and strong focus and determination, Gruul falls to Heresy.

A very big congrats to those who helped push this guild forward, and everyone who particiapted and or helped in any way.

Amazing Job.

Dragonspine Trophy -Daiki
Cowl of Nature's Breath -Kurtheric
Leggings of the Fallen Hero -MKlegendary
Leggings of the Fallen Hero -Reignman

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Our Schedule is changing for Raids, we need you guys to show up so we'll try a different setup. The forum poll indicated you would like Friday AND Saturday off from raids, so thats what we'll do. Its a bit odd, because that means our raid week is cut in half by the instance reset on Monday night but we can make that work.

Sunday -Karazhan
Monday -Karazhan
Tuesday -Gruul
Wednesday -Gruul/Magtheridon
Thursday -Gruul/Magtheridon
Friday -Off
Saturday -Off

Thats the deal, obviously when we start farming Gruul and Mag we wont need nearly that amount of time and we'll do them both on the same day. But until that time those three days are our Progression days. Initiates are REQUIRED to show up to at least 2 of the Progression days. Members we need your support, show up, if you dont there will be a post in the Members area of the forum for you to post why you couldnt. This is a Raiding guild, we have friends status for those not interested/able to Raid...

On top of that, i'd love to start a Pvp day where the guild gets together to run some BG's! For now we'll plan this for Saturday at 6pm server. Obviously this is purely for fun, no EP given or attendance tracked, but show up if you like pvp. Friends not in guild welcome of course, and no one person is leading this so if im not on feel free to start the guild group yourself.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Sense our Forums seem to eternally be down thanks to the maintenance their doing, ill go ahead and explain our new found system of tracking loot distribution here.

We will be using a system called EPGP.
EP = Effort points, or points you get for attendance, time spent, bosses killed.
GP = Gear points, or the point value of the gear you have obtained.

Using these two numbers, the system spits out a "priority" value. When an item drops that you want, you tell the raid leader u want it, he checks all the people who want it's priority and the person who is the highest receives the item. They receive the GP value of the item, and their Priority then goes down.

There is no bidding in this system, the mod calculates the value of the item based on the blizzard item points and the type of item(like chest is worth more then bracer) This means that as we advance and the loot is given more item points by blizzard, the prices will automatically go up.

We do not HAVE to give the item to you for the points the mod says, and Alt gear will be allowed at 1/3 the GP of the item and will of course only be done if no one wants to pay normal price.

There is also a minimum EP of 500 before someone gets a priority, this makes sure that new members who have no GP, wont be given a huge priority because of it until they have showed up enough to deserve it.

-Where are we going to use it?-
Most people agree that most loot in Karazhan is at best a tiny upgrade or side grade, but there are good pieces and its still worth our time for sure. To that end we will be awarding EP for time spent and Bosses killed in Kara, at the rate of 3 EP every 15 Minutes and 10 EP for a boss kill. However, the only items in Kara that will be costing you GP are the T4 items. This way people can continue to get side grades out of Kara and will be encouraged to attend it to make sure they have points for 25 man content drops.

25 Mans will have a higher rate, they will be 6 EP every 15 minutes, and 30 EP for a boss kill. All loot given out in 25 mans will be charged to GP.

This system will not be used in any 5 man content, obviously.

-Where can i check my Priority?-

The mod is "supposed" to show your priority in your O note, which all of you can now view but not edit. As of last night it was for some reason, not. so unless you want to get the mod yourself, for now just send a tell when you want something and the O's have the list. Or you can grab the equation from the mod's site, and plug in the raw data thats currently in the O notes to get your Priority. But we hope to figure out what were or it's doing wrong to not show the Priority for all to see.

If your interested, here is the google project site for the mod.