Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Our Schedule is changing for Raids, we need you guys to show up so we'll try a different setup. The forum poll indicated you would like Friday AND Saturday off from raids, so thats what we'll do. Its a bit odd, because that means our raid week is cut in half by the instance reset on Monday night but we can make that work.

Sunday -Karazhan
Monday -Karazhan
Tuesday -Gruul
Wednesday -Gruul/Magtheridon
Thursday -Gruul/Magtheridon
Friday -Off
Saturday -Off

Thats the deal, obviously when we start farming Gruul and Mag we wont need nearly that amount of time and we'll do them both on the same day. But until that time those three days are our Progression days. Initiates are REQUIRED to show up to at least 2 of the Progression days. Members we need your support, show up, if you dont there will be a post in the Members area of the forum for you to post why you couldnt. This is a Raiding guild, we have friends status for those not interested/able to Raid...

On top of that, i'd love to start a Pvp day where the guild gets together to run some BG's! For now we'll plan this for Saturday at 6pm server. Obviously this is purely for fun, no EP given or attendance tracked, but show up if you like pvp. Friends not in guild welcome of course, and no one person is leading this so if im not on feel free to start the guild group yourself.


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